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Travellers are attracted to Warsaw, the capital city of Poland, as it is full of historical sites, delicious restaurants, lively nightlife and cultural events. As being one of the largest cities of Poland, it holds the main hub for culture, entertainment and finance. The left side of Vistula River offers the most famous tourist attractions in the city. In addition, after the month of September, this Polish city is ready to open the gate for art and cultural lovers with International festivals and musical events.

City Transport

This developed city offers a variety of transport facilities to explore the city’s famous tourist attractions. In big cities like Warsaw, the most economical and safer option is to travel within the boundaries of the bus and tram lines. Tickets are available in kiosks but it can be purchased directly from the drivers with an additional fee. There is only one underground line that connects southern parts with the city center and it runs at almost every 3-4 minutes in peak hours.

There are four types of trains available in the city like fast trains, express trains, local trains, Intercity and EuroCity. Local train networks are well organized and popular with travellers. Taxi and street cars are available all the time and fares are different during the night. Just like other European cities, this city also offers a Warsaw Tourist Card that allows free entry to museums, public transport, and discounts to art galleries, restaurants, sightseeing tours and shops.


This capital city always welcomes its foreign tourists with a warm and friendly atmosphere. Despite being one of the largest cities of Poland, this city is still very safe and crime rate is relatively lower than other famous cities. Still it is always good to keep valuable items, credit cards and extra cash out of sight. It is also advisable to be aware of pickpockets usually in crowded areas or at famous tourist sites. There are few areas near the Vistula River that should be evaded, especially at night. Alcohol consumption is quite high in the polish cities so as a precaution try to explore the nightlife in a group rather than alone.


In Warsaw, service charges are not added to the bills of restaurants or hotels. Tipping is always accepted to appreciate good service or food. The average tip will be around 10-15 % or just round up the bill to a whole number. It is not obligatory to give a tip to the taxi drivers.

When to Travel

The best time to travel to this beautiful city is definitely during the summer season. In the summer, the climate is usually warm with relatively low levels of humidity. However, extreme conditions can be experienced during the summer i.e. bright sunlight and heavy rainfall. Later in the year, the autumn season can be a good time to visit as it experiences a sunny and cloudy climate with slightly cooler air. During the winter season the city experiences an extreme cold climate with snowfall, so it is advisable to pack warm clothes.

Emergency Numbers

Calling Code+48
Area Code22
Ambulance999 / 112
Central Clinical Hospital+48 22 599 10 00

Important Phrases

Good morningDzień dobry
Good eveningDobry wieczór
Good night.Dobranoc
Excuse meprzepraszam bardzo!
I am sorry.Przykro mi.
Thank you.Dziękuję.
What is your name?Jak się nazywasz?
My name is...Nazywam się ...
Can you help me?Może wy pomagacie mnie?
Can you speak more slowly?Czy możesz mówić wolniej?
Do you speak English?Czy mówisz po angielsku?
Does anyone here speak English?Czy ktoś tu mówi po angielsku?
How are you?Jak się masz?
How much?Ile?
I'm fine.JA jestem wspaniałe.
I don't understand.Nie rozumiem.