Warsaw, Poland » City Info

Warsaw or Warszawa is Poland's capital and the largest city in Poland. It has a high standard of living, with all the modern amenities. The city of Warsaw is truly an unforgettable destination for tourists.

Skyscrapers shoot upwards as Warsaw's economic status rises and the city continues to attract foreign investors. The Vistula River flows through Warsaw city.

Having signed the Schengen Agreement and the EU, it is convenient for travellers to travel in and out of Warsaw and experience local transit provided with style.

As the historical areas of Warsaw give an air of its celebrated past, the developing plans and constructions of modern institutions mark Warsaw as one of the world's prime cities.

City Area517.24 km2 (199.71 sq.mi)
City PopulationEstimated at 1.8 million
Time ZoneUTC+1 (CET)
Summer: UTC+2 (CEST)
ReligionRoman Catholic majority
Official LanguagePolish