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Warsaw has a wide variety of bars and clubs scattered across the city. Recently, numerous open-air clubs and bars have popped up in the city across the Vistula River as youngsters prefer it over closed-door ones. One may like to sip fresh beer and chill or dance the whole night.

Top 5 Nightclubs in Warsaw

N58 Club - Muzyka i Bar w Warszawa
Address: Nowy Świat 58, 00-363 Warszawa, Poland

Warsaw Boat Party
Address: bulwar Karskiego, 00-001 Warszawa, Poland

New Orleans Gentlemen's Club
Address: Zgoda 11, 00-018 Warszawa, Poland

Metal Cave
Address: Jana Olbrachta 46, 01-111 Warszawa, Poland

Address: Nowogrodzka 16, 05-800 Warszawa, Poland

Best 5 Bars in Warsaw

Klar Cocktail Bar
Address: Krakowskie Przedmieście 41, 00-070 Warszawa, Poland

Kraken Rum Bar
Address: Poznańska 12, 00-454 Warszawa, Poland

The Roots Cocktail Bar & More
Address: Wierzbowa 11, 00-094 Warszawa, Poland

El Koktel
Address: Wojciecha Górskiego 9, 00-031 Warszawa, Poland

Rock Friends
Address: Śliska 3, 00-127 Warszawa, Poland

Zamieszanie - cocktail bar
Address: Nowy Świat 6/12, 00-400 Warszawa, Poland